Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to injectables you may have a lot of questions. For your convenience, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions about Timeless Health & Beauty and the world of injectables.

What is Botox

Many fine lines and wrinkles are caused by repetitive contraction of the muscles in the face. The simple answer to the brilliant science behind Botox is that it relaxes those facial muscles, keeping them from contracting. If you are interested in learning more, our practitioners would love to answer any questions and provide more resources during a consultation!

Often injectables can make people feel nervous, especially if this is your first time. Most patients do not think Botox hurt more than just feeling a small pinch. Some patients have some discomfort during the injection, but this stops at the completion of the injection. Our practitioners are skilled and efficient and, if requested, can also discuss other options for minimizing your discomfort.

Getting Botox requires no recovery time. It is normal for there to be some redness or small bumps at the injection site for about half an hour after your treatment, but many patients do not have these side effects. Often, we have patients come visit us on their lunch breaks and go back to work after.

BOTOX® is a brand of neuromodulator that typically treats fine lines and wrinkles. Dermal Fillers like JUVÉDERM® can give augmentation and volume to the face in addition to treating wrinkles. These injectables can have different results, recovery times, and effects, which can be addressed during an initial consultation with our Timeless Health & Beauty practitioners.

Treatment & Recovery

Yes. We only use FDA approved injectables. The most common side effects of Botox are bruising, redness, or swelling at the site of injection, but they typically resolve within 1-2 days. However, people that have certain medical conditions or take certain medicines may not be able to receive a treatment. All safety concerns will be discussed during a consultation with a practitioner. For more information on safety, visit the FDA’s website.

Treatments are offered for a number of facial areas, including lips, around the eyes, cheeks, forehead, and more. If you are looking for a treatment for a specific area, we can discuss this in your initial consultation. No matter what your beauty goals are, we can create a treatment plan to meet them.

Yes – our results look very natural! Unlike some Medspas, Timeless practitioners specialize in enhancing and preserving your natural beauty, rather than taking away from it. Using a slow and educational method in our services, we allow you to give feedback every step of the way on what makes you feel the most beautiful.

It depends on the type of filler or injectable and placement. Botox treatment results are typically visible between 3-7 days. If you have an event or something special coming up that you want to look your best for, we would recommend getting a Botox treatment at least 14 days out, for the best results. Dermal fillers show volume immediately following injection, but usually take about 2 weeks for the swelling to dissipate and for the final results to be visible. 

Again, this depends on the specific treatment, placement, and your metabolism. Botox usually lasts 3-6 months depending on your metabolism. Filler usually lasts from 6 months to 2 years depending on which product is used and your metabolism. Together with a practitioner, we can create a treatment plan with an estimate for how long beautiful results will last and how to maintain them.

The Timeless Experience

Our primary injector, Lisa Ragsdale, RN, BSN, first started doing injectables in 2013 – almost a decade ago! Lisa personally trains all the injectors who work at Timeless Health & Beauty. All of our practitioners are RNs or practitioners with nursing experience. To read more about our practitioners, check out our team page.

Timeless Health and Beauty offers free consultations for those new to injectables, and every new patient must have a consultation before treatment. Consultations usually last around 30 minutes, but we allot a full hour so that you can have all your questions answered.

During the consultation, our practitioners can answer any questions you have, discuss what problem areas you want to treat, and any beauty goals you want to achieve with our treatments.

Finally, our practitioners will create a treatment plan that you are comfortable with that can help you achieve your beauty goals. Once a plan is created, many patients go ahead and have their first treatment directly following the consultation.

It depends on the treatment, area of injection, and amount of product used. Typically, Botox treatments are more affordable than Filler treatments, but treatments can range from a few hundred dollars to a thousand, depending on your skin needs and treatment plan. There are several different ways to save with Timeless Health & Beauty. We offer referral discounts, first time customer discounts, have frequent specials, and have two rewards programs. Our practitioners can also work with you and create a treatment plan within your budget during the initial consultation. For more information on pricing, visit here.

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